BMW 2 Series Coupe | BMW At Its Finest?

BMW have always had the reputation as being a ‘driver’s car’. Dynamic handling, excellent road manners, sporty, and always super-stylish, they just seem to put a package together that really works.

For those of you that have been … surprised … by the styling of the new front grille, all is not lost. In fact, that’s an understatement; the 2 Series Coupe is perhaps one of the finest cars that BMW has made, even more so when you look at the M240i xDrive. And it has the shallower kidney grille.

Collectively, we here have been in the automotive business for more years that we care to remember, we’ve seen all the styles come and go, the trend towards high horsepower, then greener machines, and of course the switch to electrification, but one thing remains constant, and consistent – BMW’s ability to produce something special.

We think that the new 2 Series is a stunning car, in any guise, but surely the jewel is the M240i xDrive … 370 horsepower, 500Nm of torque, straight six engine (and we all know just how great the BMW straight six is) with a limited top speed of 155mph, and a 0-62mph time of just 4.3 seconds.

Yes it has the all-wheel drive system, but for the purists, you’ll be happy to know that the system is heavily biased to the rear-wheels.

The range starts with the 220i and 220d, both in the M-Sport trim, so you can choose between a 181hp petrol 2.0 litre, or a 187hp 400Nm 2.0 litre turbo diesel. The extra torque of the diesel gives the 220d a faster 0-62mph time (6.9 seconds vs 7.5) otherwise, the performance is similar.

New 2 Series Coupe

The new Coupe is wider, longer, and lower than the outgoing model, but it’s also lighter thanks to greater use of aluminium in the construction. Of course, lighter weight means better handling, increased acceleration, and shorter breaking distances, it’s the Holy Grail of automotive design and engineering.

Speaking of design and engineering, the 2 Series uses BMW’s new active air control flaps upfront, which is an automated system that controls just how much air enters the engine bay – opening up when the engine needs to cool down, and closing again for aero efficiency when demand allows. It’s design features (and technology) like that, which helps to create something brilliant.

It’s a similar story inside the cabin also – BMW giving thought to what they’re offering; the trim is a combination of Alcantara and Sensatec, which is BMW’s man-made leather upholstery; all very animal friendly.

More Information?

The new BMW 2 Series hasn’t arrived just yet, but our team can give you further information, and perhaps get you booked in for test drive when they arrive. Why not contact them today to get on the list?

Wed 01 December 2021